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Small ImageJasmin Cordney Allison was born in Bad Soden-Salmuenster, West Germany.Her mother is of German descent and her father is African American. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1991.  Jasmin has a brother (Christopher) from that union.  In 1994 Jasmin’s younger sister Shanice was born following a long term relationship.


Jasmin and her siblings always maintained a close relationship with their father, and it was his strong musical influence that planted the seeds that brought her to where she is today.


Her father was in the Army, but also had a successful career as a musician. Soulful music was an integral  part of her environment. She recalls listening to Artists such as Minnie Riperton, Earth Wind & Fire, Marvin Gaye, Sade, Mariah Carey, Jill Scott, Whitney Houston, Aaliyah, Prince, and  Michael Jackson to name a few.


While living in Germany her father was managing bands and promoting concerts. As a child Jasmin was exposed to her father’s home studio at the tender age of 7 and won two competitions in mini playback shows, which made the local newspaper.


She made her first recording at age 9.


“When I was 13 my father returned to the U.S. He made a promise to me that he would be there and support me along the way if I decided to pursue a career in music once I completed my studies.”


With music in her blood, Jasmin joined the school choir in 1999.


“During a school field trip in 2001, I was singing in the shower and I must have caught one of my friends’ attention, because afterwards she suggested I should try out for the school band. I eventually did and started performing the following week as one of the lead vocalists.”


Jasmin also became part of a Hip Hop Street Dance Group.


Shortly before graduating from high school in 2004, this budding talent was selected to perform Judas in the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” in a 2-night sold out performance making headlines in the local newspaper.


“That experience solidified my passion for music and from that moment on I just knew that there was no way that I could live without music in my life.”


After getting her degree in 2006 she worked for a time in her native Germany, but the music kept playing in her head and her heart.


“After completing my education, I realized that my destiny was on a stage not in an office.  I remembered my father’s words and I  decided to pack my 7 bags and move to the U.S. to follow my dreams.”


Shortly after arriving in 2009, Jasmin found that pursuing a career in music was going to be an enormous challenge that required a lot of discipline and commitment coupled with a clear vision on where she wanted to take her innovative sound. Initially a small team was put together to assist Jasmin on her project. Trial and error was a great teacher and Jasmin learned to put her trust in people who support her rather than try to change her Eth-No Pop concept.



With her father’s guidance and experience coupled with the musical genius of Stephen Wilson, Jasmin started honing the tools of her trade – mixing, editing and working the studio equipment to create the Roughcutz Sound she was looking for.


Scintillating, seductive and satin smooth, Jasmin has something to wake up the jaded listener.  Jasmin lives her message – do what you gotta do- and she does it with style!

In her new Single "Prototype", Jasmin shares her passion in the delivery of her new song.  She demonstrates her vocal ability in a powerful, sensual and sexy way, which will leave you mesmerized. 

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