Small ImageEth-No Pop is Jasmin Allison’s first studio album.

Jasmin’s style of music is a fusion of cultural music that incorporates electronic and acoustic elements mixed with her smooth as silk vocal harmonies all blended to create her unique Roughcutz Sound. Her music is more than just a sound… It’s a one of a kind experience that draws you to her message – a singularly unique experience you yearn to be part of.

“The music I create is the fabric I weave with the real life experiences in my storyline. The common threads are the everyday bumps and grinds of this sometimes chaotic world we live in and how we learn to cope with whatever comes our way. As an Artist, my inspiration comes from the human spirit - not a specific genre.”

Her original single “Do What You Gotta Do” tells a funky story everyone knows – lover walks out with somebody new – so you tell them “Do What You Gotta Do”!!!  Life goes on and even through the hurt you know you’ll love again.

Her new single "Prototype" ventures into a perfect love relationship.  It gives you the illusion that there is a perfect mate in love, who fulfills your every desire. 

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